Situated in the Haute-Savoie, 30 kilometres south of lake Geneva, Abondance is a mountain village where you'll have the holiday you always dreamt of. It is also the name of a variety of cows producing the famous Abondance cheese, a must-taste!


In Haute Savoie, 30 kilometres south of Lake Geneva, Abondance is a mountain village where it is good to relax. It is also the region of origin of the breed of cows of the same name, whose milk is used to make a famous cheese.

Several centuries ago, monks from neighbouring Switzerland settled in Abondance and their abbey spread far beyond the borders of Savoy. Around them, the village was gradually built. Today it has some 1370 inhabitants. Situated at an altitude of 1000 metres, on a flat area backing onto Mont Jorat (1830m), Abondance is dominated by the mountains of Mont de Grange (2432m) and Pic de la Corne (2084m).

In winter, when the snow covers the summits, the mountain pastures gradually turn white, the slopes become gentler and the immaculate landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see. In the warmth of a chalet, in the heart of the village or in one of its hamlets, you can enjoy a dream holiday...

Abondance is also the name of a breed of cow, a "beautiful brunette" (in fact a mahogany red piebald) with glasses, because of the brown spots around her eyes. During the winter months, she stays in the cowshed and feeds on hay, thinking of better days when the snow will have melted and she will join the mountain pastures.

Its qualities as a dairy cow allow the breeders to produce the delicious Abondance cheese, which obtained an AOC in 1990. In the Abondance valley, 40 farms produce this soft, melting cheese with a golden rind that immediately whets the appetite...

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