Lac de Morat

One of the three lakes situated at the foot of the Jura mountain range, in the western part of Switzerland. On the southern shore lies the medieval town of Murten (Morat) and to the north you'll see the vineyards of Mount Vully.

Lac de Morat

Lake Morat (in French Lac de Morat and in German Murtensee) is a lake located in the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud in the western part of Switzerland, south of the Jura mountain range. It is named after the small town of Murten/Morat on its southern shore.

It is the smallest of the three lakes in the Seeland area of the Swiss Plateau located at the foot of the first chain of the Jura mountains.

Since the Jura water correction, its water leaves the lake through the Broye Canal (Canal de la Broye) into nearby Lake Neuch√Ętel, which is connected to Lake Biel (Lac de Bienne / Bielersee) through the Canal de la Thielle.

The three lakes form a natural reservoir that retains overflow water from the river Aar that flows into Lake Biel: in times of combined heavy rainfalls and glacier melting in the Alps, the water flows backwards through the Thielle and Broye canals, preventing an overflow of the Grand Marais.

Between Morat Lake and Neuch√Ętel Lake rises the Mount Vully, a beautiful area covered with vineyards producing very good wines, quite underestimated. You should taste them!

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