A family and nature lovers hiking and ski paradise near the city of Lucerne, in Central Switzerland. The little city of Sarnen is close to crystal clear lakes, flowering alpine meadows, refreshing waterfalls, and historic sites in a sunny region.


Sarnen, near Lucerne, is the capital of Obwalden, one of the founding cantons of Switzerland.

Situated at the northern end of the lake of the same name, the small town is at the heart of a hiking and skiing paradise for families and nature lovers, which will suit both holidaymakers looking for relaxation and those seeking an active holiday.

Crossed by the river Aa, the town has beautiful old buildings such as Landenberg Castle but is above all a good starting point for exploring the region with its crystal clear lakes, flowery pastures and waterfalls, which form an idyllic setting.

Walking, hiking in the mountains or on the lakes of Sarnen and Lungern, mountain bike tours, swimming, wellness, culture, customs and traditions... Sarnen and its region have everything to please!

The photo gallery and slideshow available here cover not only the town of Sarnen but also various places traversed from the southern slope of the Brünig Pass, which connects the canton of Obwalden to the Bernese Oberland. Here we are in the heart of what is known as "early Switzerland", i.e. these 3 forest cantons which, one fine day in August 1291, renewed an ancient alliance to preserve their interests and pledge to help each other against the crowned heads who then owned the land.

Century after century, other cantons would gradually join this alliance and form an autonomous region in the centre of Europe that was not internationally recognised as an independent country until more than half a millennium later...

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