A small town in Chablais, renowned for its wines, its Vine and Wine Museum, and its World Cycling Center. Start of roads to various mountain destinations (Les Diablerets, Leysin, Pays-d'Enhaut, and more).


Aigle, a historic site whose origins go back to the Bronze Age, appears today like a bustling and prepossessing market-town. Surrounded by vineyards whose reputation is long established, this highly appreciated stopping-place of the Vaud Chablais is also an interesting starting point for numerous mountain excursions in summer and winter alike.

So come and get to know the main historical and cultural curiosities of our town, a brief outline of which is given here: The Castel, dating from the 12th century, houses the Vaud vine and wine museum. The International Wine Labels Museum is situated in front of the castel, in the Dîme house. All of these buildings make up the Vine and Wine Citadel, where take place numerous cultural and gastronomic events.

The Jérusalem street is a picturesque little pedestrian street with paving stones and lined with old houses connected by covered footbridges. The parallel street, the rue du Bourg, is very typical too. You can also admire the market square and its town-hall, the centre square and its clock tower, the district of Le Cloître and its church.

Stop off at a restaurant and sip one of our wines which carry the fame of Aigle to far corners and help to preserve our fine image. It will, we hope, cheer you up and convey the joy of living, quite apart from putting you in high spirits.

World Cycling Capital (Union Cycliste Internationale, indoor velodrome with track of 200 meters, outdoor sporting disciplines cyclists, Sport Center, MBX-track), Aigle has one of the finest 18-hole golf courses in Switzerland. It nicely supplements the town's sports facilities which include an open-air swimming pool (an indoor pool 3 miles away), minigolf courses, tennis courts, an omnisport gymnasium, Piste Vita (jogging run with physical exercises), VTT cycle-path, fitness centre, sauna baths, football places and cinema.

Aigle is situated at the crossroads of a road and rail network leading straight to the heart of 9 well-known alpine resorts, offering all possible winter sports and otherwise fully equipped for spending pleasant summer holidays there. Finally, the immediate proximity of the Vaud Riviera is an additional attraction to your stopover in our town.

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