Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz, at the Southern end of Canton St. Gallen, is home of a famous natural spring making it a popular spa and health resort destination. Every three years, it is host to a gigantic sculpture exhibition that transforms the whole city into a lively art stage.

Bad Ragaz

Located at the southern end of the Canton of St. Gallen, Bad Ragaz is a well-known spa town that is transformed every three years into a giant work of art...

Bad Ragaz, normally a pretty, fairly posh tourist resort, becomes a veritable living work of art during the triennial: the sculptures take over the entire town, from the streets to the parks and even the most unexpected places.

Walking around during the triennial is therefore an unexpected journey with surprises at every step...

The photos illustrating this page, as well as the shots in the gallery and the slideshow, were taken during the 2012 triennial and the 360° panoramas were captured during the 2021 triennial. Bad Ragaz is revealed in a rather unusual light...

Outside the triennial, the town remains a very pretty destination and an ideal starting point for exploring the region: Sargans and Maienfeld, Chur and Graubünden, Walenstadt and the Walensee, Vaduz and Liechtenstein are all just a few kilometres away.

And as a spa town, with a spring where the water gushes out at 36.5°C, it is a highly regarded health and wellness destination, with a pleasant climate as the sun shines two days out of three.

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