Le Landeron

A little town at the Eastern end of Canton of Neuchâtel, on the shores of Bielersee (Lake of Biel/Bienne). South of the modern town, there is the old fortified city, which is really worth the visit!

Le Landeron

Le Landeron is the only town in the Canton of Neuchâtel that is located... on the shores of Lake Biel!

A heated swimming pool, the banks of the lake lined with picnic spots, a marina that welcomes numerous sailing boats, fishing boats or motor boats, the banks of the river Thielle and a nature reserve that invite you to go for a walk... Le Landeron has many assets!

But it is of course the old fortified town, to the south, isolated in the middle of the fields, which makes Le Landeron known far and wide and which is really worth a visit! Once past the gates of the town, one discovers the long square, an avenue planted with lime trees with, at each end, a typical 16th century fountain topped by a statue: the Vaillant fountain to the north and the St-Maurice fountain to the south.

On the square, the terraces of two restaurants invite you to relax while admiring this long enclosure of beautiful residences dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, now home to antique shops, craft shops and modern art galleries.

Every year, on the last weekend of September, the old town of Le Landeron is taken over by the Fête de la Brocante, Switzerland's largest open-air antiques fair, to the delight of collectors, lovers of old objects and onlookers looking for surprises.

Last but not least, Le Landeron is also a wine-growing village, the last one in the east of the Neuchâtel region, in the so-called "Entre-deux-Lacs" region located between the lakes of Neuchâtel and Biel. Chasselas and pinot noir are produced here, as well as specialities such as unfiltered white wine, pinot gris, chardonnay, "oeil-de-perdrix" and "perdrix blanche".

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