Situated on the shores of Bodensee (Lake Constance), in canton of Thurgau, Arbon is one of the loveliest towns of the region, with a lovely lakeside promenade and many architectural highlights.


Located on the Thurgau shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee), Arbon is one of the most beautiful towns in the region, rich in beautiful lakeside and many architectural surprises.

It's a bit of a paradoxical place, with its mix of seaside resort, industrial town and ancient city. But the charm works every time and it is a must for any visit to eastern Switzerland.

An industrial town dominated by the Schädler Tower, a former metalworks tower on top of which a panoramic restaurant has recently opened... It is a strange sight to see an industrial building that looks like a medieval dungeon!

Schädler was one of the suppliers of a much better known company: Saurer, the manufacturer of the emblematic Swiss truck adopted by the Post Office for its postal buses as well as by the army, transport companies, firemen, etc. Production of these famous vehicles ceased in 1986, but a Truck Museum remains that will fascinate lovers of old vehicles.

The historic centre and the lakeside, a stone's throw from the castle, are obviously highlights of a visit to Arbon: marina, vast sunny parks, and just behind them superb old buildings, a very picturesque fishermen's market square, alleys with medieval and baroque atmospheres...

And as Thurgau is a hotbed of apple juice and cider production, there is also a Juice and Distillery Museum in Arbon under the aegis of the Mosterei Möhl Cider House, which exhibits old appliances and machines used to produce these delicious beverages.

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