La Neuveville

Points of interest of this historical city are the Schlossberg Castle, the city walls, the military defence towers, and the white church. Burgundian cannons captured by the Swiss after the Battle of Grandson in 1476 are today housed in the historical museum, which features one of the largest collections of medieval artillery in the world.

La Neuveville

A medieval town on the shores of Lake Biel, La Neuveville is an endearing town, rich in memories, where the witnesses of a prestigious past stand. Although it is a French-speaking town, it is attached to the canton of Bern and is the first Bernese town that one passes through on leaving the canton of Neuchâtel on the road to Bienne.

Historically, La Neuveville was part of France (department of Mont-Terrible) from 1797 and then, from 1800, of the department of Haut-Rhin, to which Mont-Terrible was attached. By decision of the Congress of Vienna, this former territory of the bishopric of Basel was assigned to the canton of Bern in 1815.

It is possible to discover a well-preserved old town with its old walls, its defence towers, its White Church built in the 7th century with its frescoes dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, its town hall which houses the collections of the History Museum.

A stroll through the old town with your nose in the air will hold many surprises... There are many architectural details to discover!

Past the railway line, which separates the old town from the shores of Lake Biel, you discover the beach, the marina and beautiful flowery quays.

A little corner of paradise opposite Cerlier, and of course also a very good starting point for cruises on the romantic Lake Biel!

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