Gruère (Etang de la)

Back in the 17th century, a dam was built in this 12,000-year-old bog to power a grain mill. And now we have a big pond in a beautiful protected area, with easy treks and perfect picnic spots all around!

Gruère (Etang de la)

In the 17th century, a small dam was erected on a stream running through this 12,000 year old bog to power a grist mill, thus creating a pond...

Nowadays, this large pond has become a popular and well-frequented picnic, swimming and fishing spot (as well as ice skating in winter).

It has also been a protected nature reserve since 1980, as the pond is a high marsh of national importance. This does not prevent it from being a natural area visited by 100,000 to 150,000 people each year to relax in an enchanting environment.

The pond can be walked around in 45 minutes, on good paths and boardwalks, making the walk accessible to all. Don't expect a solitary getaway!

The Etang de la Gruère has become a tourist mecca, known far and wide for its beautiful Nordic landscape. Of course, you must not leave the paths and, if you decide to have a picnic, you must take all your waste with you... The beauty of the site is at this price!

Peat bogs are special and very fragile ecosystems. The high organic content of peat makes it a very good fuel once dried and peatlands have traditionally been extensively exploited. Now protected, they have become rare and constitute extraordinary biotopes where you can wander among the dragonflies in a fairy-tale atmosphere.
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