With the numerous churches of the region and its Vitromuseum, Romont has become the Swiss capital of stained-glass windows. Perched on the top of a hill, the town boasts a long and distinguished history and is quite well preserved.


Romont, a historic town dating from the 10th century, is located on the railway line and on the Lausanne-Fribourg road. With the many churches in its region and its Vitromusée, Romont has become the Swiss capital of stained glass and glass.

Perched on its hill, the town of Romont has a rich historical heritage. One of the paths that leads pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela passes through Romont and the route of Santiago in the region reveals the traces of a rich religious heritage.

The name of the city goes back to the Latin Rotundus Mons, in other words "the round hill". Founded in 1240 by Peter II of Savoy, Romont has retained its medieval appearance and a walk along its ramparts offers a spectacular view of the entire surrounding countryside.

The discovery of the old town is a real pleasure: a few steps are enough to soak up these old stones, very talkative witnesses for those who take the trouble to listen to them. A legacy of the 13th century, the Collegiate Church is a treasure of Gothic art.

Ancient and contemporary stained glass windows of great value adorn the walls of several sanctuaries in the region and, within the walls of the Castle of Romont, the Vitromusée (Swiss Museum of Stained Glass and Glass Arts) has benefited from a major rejuvenation and sheds light on this art in the ancient rooms of this fortress.

Glass has also spread and many sanctuaries in the region have been fitted with contemporary stained glass windows of great interest. A walk, the "stained glass path", allows you to admire these creations in their respective sites.

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