Chur (in Romansh Cuira and in Italian Coira) is the capital of Canton of Graubünden, in Southeastern Switzerland. With some 38,000 inhabitants, it's a relatively big town at the Swiss scale, and it has kept a very nice old town.


Chur (German Chur, Romansh Cuira and Italian Coira) is the capital of the canton of Graubünden, in south-eastern Switzerland. With some 38,000 inhabitants, it is a fairly large city by Swiss standards, and has preserved a beautiful old town.

It is located in the north of the canton, in the Rhine valley, at the meeting point of Latin and Germanic influences, although the decline of the Romansh language - Switzerland's fourth national language - has made it a German-speaking city.

Whether you prefer the charm of the mountains or the hectic pace of the cities, Chur, an Alpine city par excellence, is an imperative stop on any visit to Graubünden.

Picturesque alleys and snow-covered peaks, shopping streets and unspoilt nature, an urban whirlwind surrounded by fabulous mountain scenery, vineyards licking the old town - there really is something for everyone!

We obviously particularly appreciated the old part of the city, partly pedestrian, where you just have to look up to be surprised, here by a painted façade, there by a baroque architecture. A real treat for the eyes!

Passugger mineral water, which can be found all over Switzerland, comes from a spring near Chur, which is also the birthplace of H. R. Giger, the painter and sculptor who became a worldwide star for being the "father" of the terrifying creature in the film "Alien".

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