Canton Obwalden exclave surrounded by the cantons of Bern, Nidwalden and Uri, Engelberg is the leading mountain resort in Central Switzerland, situated in the Urner Alps. During the Middle Ages, the village was renowned for the educational accomplishments of its Benedictine monastery, the beautiful Engelberg Abbey.


Engelberg is an exclave of the Canton of Obwalden, surrounded by the cantons of Bern, Nidwalden and Uri. During the Middle Ages, it was famous for its Benedictine monastery, Engelberg Abbey. Today, it is the most prestigious mountain resort in central Switzerland, in the heart of the Uri Alps.

Rebuilt in the 18th century after a fire in 1729, the Abbey can be visited and its library contains manuscripts by Martin Luther, written while he was an Augustinian monk.

However, most visitors are content to take a look at the souvenir and local products shop, which is unique in that it includes a real demonstration cheese factory, enclosed in a large glass cage where the cheese maker officiates...

But don't leave without taking home a small selection of cheeses, they are delicious!

The most interesting part of the village is the impressive abbey, which is spread out over a vast plateau surrounded by mountains. The rest of Engelberg, since the 19th century, has developed into a renowned tourist resort, with all the drawbacks that such a development implies.

The village is the starting point for countless hikes and excursions into the mountains. It can be reached by road from Stans or by train from Lucerne, and from there you can take a cable car to the Titlis and its glacier at an altitude of over 3000m.

And this is just one of many excursions!
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