Located in the Urseren Valley, on the Gothard road, and surrounded by high Alpine passes, Andermatt is a crossroads between North (Central Switzerland) and South (Ticino and Italy) as well as between East (Graubünden) and West (Bern and Valais).


Located on the Gotthard route in the Urseren valley and surrounded by several alpine passes, Andermatt is a crossroads between north and south, and east and west Switzerland.

To the south, the road leads over the Gotthard Pass to Ticino and Italy. To the north, it leads to Altdorf, south of Lake Lucerne, and thus to central Switzerland, unless you branch off a few kilometres away to the Susten Pass, which gives access to the Bernese Oberland.

To the east, the Oberalp Pass leads to Graubünden, while to the west the Furka Pass gives access to Gletsch, at the very end of the Goms Valley (Upper Valais), from where the Grimsel Pass also leaves, leading to the Bernese Oberland... while a little lower down, a few kilometres from Gletsch, the Nufenen Pass (Passo della Novena) connects to Ticino!

We can therefore say that Andermatt, much more than a crossroads, is definitely the heart of the Swiss Alps!

Together with Hospental and Realp, Andermatt forms the Gotthard holiday region, which offers endless possibilities for activities in summer and winter. Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing, fishing, golf or tennis in summer, cross-country and downhill skiing, carving, snowboarding, sledging or tobogganing in winter...

During the summer months, Andermatt is of course an ideal starting point for crossing passes and discovering the Alps in all their majesty, whether on board the historic Gotthard stagecoach or the Furka steam train, or by your own means - bicycle, car, motorbike... driving very carefully of course!

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