The Furka Pass, 2429 m over sea level, is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, connecting the Goms Valley (Valais/Wallis), to Andermatt (Uri, Central Switzerland), along the Rhône Glacier. Scenes of Goldfinger, with Sean Connery as James Bond, were shot here.


The Furka Pass, at 2429 m above sea level, connects in the Swiss Alps the valley of Goms (Gomstal, Upper Valais) to Andermatt, in the Canton of Uri (Central Switzerland), passing a few hundred metres from the glacier where the Rhône River rises. Film buffs will find the setting for a famous scene from the film Goldfinger, starring Sean Connery as James Bond!

On the Valais side, you can admire the Rhone glacier before reaching the top of the pass. On the Uri side, the pass descends to Andermatt, from where you can pass into Ticino via Gotthard, into Graubünden via Oberalp, or head north to Altdorf and central Switzerland... or branch off at Wassen to the Susten Pass, which leads into the Bernese Oberland.

This is the heart of the Swiss Alpine passes, closed in winter but a paradise for motorcyclists in summer, who get an adrenaline rush from riding over these passes that allow for looping tours. Very careful driving is therefore essential, as blind bends always hold many surprises!

The Furka is also a paradise for train travellers: in the past, the line of what is now the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (connecting Zermatt to Andermatt) passed through the pass. Nowadays, a tunnel has replaced the pass on this line, but the old track is still in operation, from Oberwald (Valais) to Realp (Uri): this is the spectacular steam and diesel train of the Furka summit line, which runs through beautiful alpine landscapes...

Please note: as you might expect, this line is only operated during the summer season, from the end of June to the beginning of October. The road pass, on the other hand, is open in principle from May to October, when snow conditions permit.

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