La Brévine

In the Swiss Jura, at some 1,100 m over sea, La Brévine is nicknamed the Swiss Siberia, as temperatures in winter reach regularly -22°F (and even -43°F in 1987)... In summer, it's a beautiful valley, ideal for hikes and farniente.

La Brévine

A well-known village in the Neuchâtel Mountains, La Brévine welcomes with great pleasure day-trippers or holidaymakers, in winter as well as in summer.

In summer, it is a paradise for road or mountain biking and hiking, and Lake Taillères, 2km from the village, is an ideal destination for swimming, windsurfing or a picnic by the water. An event not to be missed: Tracto-Mania, at the end of June.

In La Brévine, there are good restaurants, hotels, holiday flats, the opportunity to play tennis, badminton or any other indoor sport in the sports hall, as well as a fitness-wellness with sauna and steam room.

La Brévine is characterised by a very special climate, especially in winter when it is not uncommon for the temperature to reach -30 °C on cloudless and windless nights. On 12 January 1987, the weather station measured a temperature of -41.8 °C, a record that earned the village its reputation and made it famous throughout Switzerland under the nickname "Little Siberia".

It is the coldest permanently inhabited place in the country but, according to the inhabitants, it is certainly a harsh climate but very bearable because it is rather dry. Lake Taillères, close to the village, is transformed in winter into an ice rink nearly 2km long and 250m wide, and thousands of people go there at weekends to skate or sand yacht.

In summer, the lake warms up under the sun's rays and reaches temperatures of over 25°C. It is a paradise for swimmers, windsurfers and other rowing and sailing enthusiasts. Fishing for perch and pike is also practiced here.

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