With a population of around 82,000, the historical town of Constance (Konstanz) is the largest town on Lake Constance (Bodensee). It is situated in Germany, just on the Swiss border. Nowadays a lively university town, it has kept a big and picturesque old town.


With some 82,000 inhabitants, the historic city of Constance (Konstanz) is the largest city on Lake Constance (Bodensee).

Located in Germany, right on the Swiss border, it is nowadays a bustling university town, but has retained a large and picturesque historic centre.

Lake Constance is actually two independent lakes connected by a small 4 km long stretch of the Rhine, the Seerhein ("Lake Rhine"). Constance is located right at the entrance to this "Seerhein", straddling both banks.

Lake Constance and the Rhine up to Basel form the natural and political border between Switzerland and Germany, but the historic centre of Constance lies on the left bank of the Seerhein, forming a kind of German enclave south of the river.

A few blocks away is the Swiss border and the town of Kreuzlingen, the second largest city in the canton of Thurgau. In fact, Konstanz and Kreuzlingen together form a conurbation of over 120,000 inhabitants. In fact, when you drive through Kreuzlingen on your way to Constance, you have the impression that you are driving through the suburbs of the German city!

Between the historical centre and the lake shore, on the left bank of the Seerhein alone, there is a lot to see, so plan at least half a day for a (short) visit of the city!

Even if it is located on German territory, Constance is a must for any visit to the north-east of Switzerland!
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