Stein am Rhein

Situated at the end of Lake Constance, where the lake becomes the Rhine River again, a little town with a well-preserved mediaeval centre, where many of the buildings are painted with beautiful frescoes. One of the must-sees of Northern Switzerland.

Stein am Rhein

Located at the western end of Lake Constance, where the lake becomes the Rhine again, this small medieval town where many buildings are adorned with beautiful frescoes is a must for any visit to northern Switzerland.

Stein am Rhein once derived its opulence from trade since, in the days when transport was by ship wherever possible, it was the obligatory place to sail from the Rhine to Lake Constance.

In 1972, the community received the Wakker Prize for the exemplary preservation of its urban site, and this was a richly deserved reward: it is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Switzerland!

Needless to say, it is a popular tourist destination. The entire town centre is a pedestrian zone, and with the crowds that flock to it we're glad of that!

Even though the city is actually quite small, you can walk around for hours as there are so many beautiful things to see. The frescoes on the facades are so rich that the eyes don't know where to focus...

At each corner, new surprises await the visitor. It is truly an extraordinary place, full of magic and ghosts of the past... One comes to regret that it has not remained a well-kept secret: the crowd of visitors breaks the atmosphere a bit...

Perhaps the city should be visited during the week, on a rainy day, to get the quintessence of it away from the noisy bustle?

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