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Do you dream of holidays on a sunny island? This app is about Paros, in the Cyclades Archipelago (Aegean Sea, Greece), and about Hotel Eleftheria. It features spectacular photos of all the most picturesque places in Paros, and you'll be eager to see them with your own eyes!

Hotel Eleftheria is a very nice budget hotel situated near Livadia Beach, close to Parikia and the harbour of Paros.

It's a delightful 18-room pension-style hotel just 50 metres from the golden sands of tranquil Livadia Beach. Pantelis, the friendly owner, speaks Greek, Turkish, English, French, and Italian, and takes care of the guests with his family.

Situated an easy 6-minute walk along the promenade from the port and centre of Parikia, the capital of Paros, Livadia Beach offers the visitor the romance of breathtaking sunsets over the sea on every clear evening.

Pantelis acquired Hotel Eleftheria some 20 years ago and, since then, the hotel has become the firm favourite of many for its impeccable service and friendliness.

The reputation of the Hotel Eleftheria has become such that the majority of the customers are regular guests who come year after year. They come to enjoy the warm and sincere hospitality of Pantelis (call him Peter, if you wish) and his family.

Hotel Eleftheria's guarantee: you will not want to leave Paros and return home!

About this app

As all the apps of the iSwitzerland Collection, ParosHotel features lots of photos to make you dream of this beautiful island.

There are 16 different full-screen photo galleries, and each of them is focused on a theme: Paros, Antiparos, beaches, churches, cats, sea, villages, and other points of interest.

It features also weather forecasts for Paros, marine traffic tracking in the area (to check if your ferry will arrive soon), etc.

Last but not least, it's a universal app, made for iPhone as well as iPad (and iPod Touch). Have a great stay on Paros!
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