In continuation of the Lavaux vineyards, the Riviera lines up its towns and villages on the northeast shore of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), from Vevey to Villeneuve through La Tour-de-Peilz and Montreux, in the foothills of the Alps.


Château de Chillon
Castle of Chillon, one of the most beautiful medieval castles of Switzerland, in Veytaux near Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera. A very interesting castle-museum!
Now a part of the Municipality of Montreux, this village is situated right at the freeway exit. Integrated in the urban area but keeping a small village nucleus.
A small village in the Municipality of Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera, linked to the souvenir of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky and many others.
A little village at the gates of Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera.
At the gates of Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera, the village where Charlie Chaplin retired and lived until his death.
Located on the shore of Lake Geneva and on the first slopes of the Prealps, Montreux hosts the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the Christmas Market. It's an ideal starting point to discover the Swiss Riviera.
Planches (Les)
Montreux Old Town, easy to reach from downtown (10min walk). The real Montreux, a kind of little Montmartre with artists, workshops, restaurants, etc. Starting point for hikes in the mountains.
One of the villages of Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera.
A former tourist mecca, internationally known resort, with an important architectural heritage. It's the village where Sissi, Empress of Austria, was sojourning when she was assassinated as she went in Geneva for a lake cruise.
Tour-de-Peilz (La)
A little town nested between Vevey and Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera. The Swiss Museum of Games is located in the Castle of La Tour-de-Peilz.
Vernex is one of the old hamlets of Montreux, now totally included in the urban area, just west of the train station.
The old city of Vevey is dotted with historical monuments and museums bearing witness to its rich heritage. In addition, a large variety of boutiques and craftsmen can be found in the narrow paved streets, displaying their know-how and wares.
Believe it or not, the Castle of Chillon is not situated in Montreux, but in Veytaux, the only village that refused to join the new Commune of Montreux back in 1962.
The last town on the northern shore of Lake LĂ©man (Lake of Geneva), gate to the Chablais area. Natural reserve of Les Grangettes just nearby, for nice hikes.
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