Between Lausanne and the Swiss Riviera, Lavaux is a spectacular area of terraced vineyards, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is a very special terroir that produces some of the greatest wines of Switzerland.


A winegrowers' hamlet in the heart of Lavaux, just above Villette, enshrined in beautiful vineyards. Once upon a time, Aran and Villette were an independent municipality, now they are part of Bourg-en-Lavaux.
Not really a town but the union of five winegrowers' villages of Lavaux: Aran-Villette, Grandvaux, Cully, Riex and Epesses. This administrative reunion is in force since 2011.
Bret (Lac de)
A small lake in Jorat, the hinterland above Lavaux, a real nice place for a walk between water and forest...
Calamin (Epesses)
Calamin is not a village and not even a hamlet of Lavaux, it's a tiny 16-hectare vineyard area on the territory of Epesses, producing one of the best white wines of Switzerland. The wineyards of Lavaux are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.
A winegrowers village at the gates of Vevey, on the slopes of Mont Pèlerin, where the Lavaux vineyards area meets the Swiss Riviera.
A wine-growing village with great local vintages. With its breathtaking views on Lake Geneva, it is nicknamed Balcon du Léman in French (Lake Geneva Balcony).
On the shores of Lake Geneva, a village at the heart of Lavaux, hosting the famous Cully Jazz Festival every year in April. Administrative center of Bourg-en-Lavaux municipality, regrouping the villages of Cully, Aran, Villette, Grandvaux, Cully, Riex and Epesses.
Dézaley (Puidoux)
Above the hamlet of Treytorrens-en-Dézaley, this area is one of the most famous wine terroirs of Lavaux.
A winegrowers' village of Lavaux, producing some of the best wines of Switzerland, including the mythical Calamin white wine.
A winegrowers' village just above Cully, belonging since 2011 to the new municipality named Bourg-en-Lavaux. The great graphic novelist Hugo Pratt spent the end of his life here and a statue of Corto Maltese now overlooks the breathtaking panorama of Lavaux.
Last village of Lavaux at its western end, at the doors of Lausanne. Located on the lakeshore, Lutry is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities of the region.
The biggest village and commune of Lavaux, at the heart of Dézaley, between Lake of Geneva and Mont-Cheseau.
A small winegrowers village of Lavaux, overlooking Cully, part of the new Bourg-en-Lavaux administrative area.
A winegrowers' village at the heart of Lavaux terraced vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Great place for hikes in a breathtaking landscape.
Probably the most picturesque winegrowers' village of Lavaux, an absolute must-see: narrow lanes, archways, and vineyards all around.
One of the hamlets of the Puidoux municipality, on the shores of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva). It's the heart of the Dézaley vineyards area.
One of the winegrowers' hamlets of Lavaux, on the lakeshore. With the hamlet of Aran, 100m above, it is the heart of the Villette wine appellation, one of the terroirs of the Lavaux AOC (controlled designation of origin).
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