Lausanne, capital of the canton of Vaud, and neighboring Morges constitute an urban area sandwiched between the vineyards of La Côte, stretching west to Geneva, and those of Lavaux, extending east up to the Swiss Riviera.

Lausanne, historical crossroads just around the corner! Capital of the Canton of Vaud, it's the smallest of the 5 biggest towns of Switzerland.
Last village of Lavaux at its western end, at the doors of Lausanne. Located on the lakeshore, Lutry is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities of the region.
A flowered town on the shores of blue Lake Geneva, facing Mont-Blanc, with a beautiful countryside, excellent wines and an impressive castle.
Ouchy is not really a town, it's the Riviera of Lausanne, on the lakeshore, quite nice and lively during high season.
A little village on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the gates of Lausanne. Beautiful Romanesque church built in the 12th century AD.
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