We have arbitrarily grouped the north of Canton Bern (except Bern Jura) and Canton Solothurn in this area. The towns of Bern and Solothurn rank among the most beautiful of Switzerland, and the hinterland is worth the visit too.

Swiss capital of sugar, where sugar beets of the whole country are transformed, Aarberg has kept an old town with a covered wooden bridge built in 1566 giving access to a vast market place where good restaurants abound. A sweet stopover!
Balsthal, at the exit of the Klus gorge linking Oensingen to the Solothurn Jura, is the gateway to the Thal Nature Reserve, an area ideal for hiking, just a few km away from the urbanized areas stretching along the foot of the Jura mountain range.
Capital of Switzerland, a modern city with a picturesque old town enclosed within a meander of the Aare river. It is in Bern that the German physicist Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity.
Biel / Bienne
The biggest bilingual town of Switzerland, headquarter of the Swatch Group and manufacturer of the Rolex watch movements, lies on the shore of Lake Biel, at the foot of the Jura mountain range.
This little town is the gate to the Emmental valley, production area of one of the most famous cheese of Switzerland. Overlooked by a picturesque medieval castle, its old city is really worth the visit.
Büren an der Aare
A medieval town dating back to the 13th century, Büren an der Aare is located as its name suggests along the Aare, in the navigable part of the river, between Biel and Solothurn. Beautiful old town and covered wooden bridge, rebuilt in the old style after an arson in 1989.
A big village of nearly 5,000 inhabitants located a few kilometers northeast of Lake Murten. A typical countryside village of the Mittelland (Middle Country), nothing really special... until it became host of an amazing attraction, the tropical world of Papiliorama, a must-visit of Switzerland.
A small town in Upper Aargau, crossed by the river Langeten, a tributary of the Aare. Upper Aargau is the north-eastern part of the canton of Bern, bordering the cantons of Solothurn, Aargau and Lucerne.
A proud medieval castle, that can be visited and even rented, an old town full of charm... Close to the canton of Fribourg, where the Sense river flowing from the Prealps flows into the Aare river, the little Bernese city of Laupen is full of nice surprises to those who dare to take the small roads of Switzerland...
Located halfway between Olten and Solothurn, and dominated by the castle of Neu Bechburg, Oensingen is the small town, very industrialized, at the mouth of the Klus gorge that provides access to Balsthal and to the Thal Nature Reserve, one of the jewels of the Solothurn Jura.
Olten, situated on the River Aare, is the largest city in the canton of Solothurn, but it is much less touristy than the canton's baroque capital. Its great asset is a tiny old town that is well worth a visit.
Solothurn is renowned as the most beautiful baroque town of Switzerland. Situated on the Aar river, 20km East of Biel-Bienne, at the foot of the Jura summit named Weissenstein, its old town is really wonderful.
Hikers' paradise, the Weissenstein, above Solothurn, is the highest summit of the Eastern Jura (alt. 4,577 ft). It is part of the Solothurn Jura and is reachable with a funicular from Oberdorf, a village northwest of Solothurn, and by a narrow and steep mountain road.
Once a small fortified city organized around a central square, Wiedlisbach was subsequently divided into two sets of streets and an old tower, vestige of the ancient fortifications: the Städtli, main street, and the charming Hinterstädtli.
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