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Built in Geneva in 1918-1920 as a theater for movies and plays and later hosting musicals and concerts, the Alhambra has recently been renovated to become a house of music.
Bâtiment des Forces Motrices
Old industrial building in Geneva, built in the late 19th century, this majestic building has been restored in the late 20th century to become a prestigious venue dedicated to opera, ballet and theater.
Bibliothèque de Genève
The Library of Geneva plays a vital role in the intellectual heritage of Geneva by collecting, preserving, enhancing and displaying tons of documents and books. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9 to 12am.
Casino-Théâtre de Genève
Hosting every year the traditional Geneva Revue, the Casino Theater, built in 1881 and deeply renovated in 1983, also hosts boulevard plays and operettas, concerts and comedy shows.
Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
In Geneva, the herbarium of the conservatory, with some six million specimens, is one of the largest in the world. The garden features beautiful collections of living plants and is open all year. It is a magical place!
De Châteaubriand Boat Dock
Mouettes Genevoises Boat Dock. The Mouettes Genevoises (Geneva Gulls) are small shuttle boats connecting both banks of Geneva. De Chateaubriand-Port Noir line (M4).
Eaux-Vives Boat Dock
Eaux-Vives (Jardin Anglais) Mouettes Genevoises Dock. The Mouettes Genevoises (Geneva Gulls) are small shuttle boats connecting both banks of Geneva. Eaux Vives-Pâquis line (M2).
Embarcadère de Bellevue
Geneva-Bellevue Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva General Navigation Company).
Embarcadère de Genève-Mont-Blanc
Genève-Mont-Blanc Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva Navigation General Company).
Embarcadère de La Belotte
La Belotte Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva General Navigation Company).
Gare de Genève-Aéroport
Geneva Airport Train Station (Cointrin). Direct trains to Genève-Cornavin station (Geneva Downtown) and to Nyon, Morges, Lausanne and beyond.
Gare de Genève-Cornavin
Cornavin Train Station (Geneva Downtown).
Geneva Airport
Geneva International Airport, in Cointrin. Gate to Western Switzerland. Train station to Geneva nearby.
Geneva Arena
Largest multipurpose venue of western Switzerland and neighboring France (up to 9,500 people). Concerts (pop, rock, classical), conventions, conferences, musicals, exhibitions, sports events, theater, ballet, opera, dance, etc.
Geneva Tourist Info
Tourist Info Desk near Cornavin train station. Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday and public holidays 10am-4pm. Free Wi-Fi.
Grand Théâtre de Genève
The Grand Theatre of Geneva, built in 1879, is a 1,500-seat concert hall with outstanding acoustics and visual quality. It's the biggest production structure in western Switzerland, proposing every year an operatic season and various recitals.
Interchange Geneva
Access Geneva: left track to Geneva Downtown, right track to Geneva Airport and to bypass town.
In Geneva, L'Usine (The Factory) is one of the biggest autonomous cultural centers of Europe, bringing together 18 associations. Music, movies, contemporary art, and much more.
Le Chat Noir
Bar, restaurant and concert hall in Carouge, little town at the gates of Geneva. One of the most important live music venues in the Geneva area.
Les Délices
The Villa "Les Délices", Voltaire's main residence from March 1755 to the autumn of 1760, was an important place for literary creation and philosophical reflection.
Médiathèque du FMAC
Opened in Geneva in 2009, this Media Library aims to promote video art. It features the André Iten Fund, one of the richest and most important collections in Switzerland, and the video collection of FMAC (Municipal Fund of Contemporary Art).
Molard Boat Dock
Mouettes Genevoises Boat Dock. The Mouettes Genevoises (Geneva Gulls) are small shuttle boats connecting both banks of Geneva. Molard-Pâquis line (M1).
Musée Ariana
With a collection of 25,000 objects illustrating 12 centuries of ceramic culture, the Ariana Museum in Geneva is one of the big European museums specializing in fire arts. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-6pm.
Musée d´art et d´histoire
The Museum of Art and History of Geneva invites to a trip through time. Paintings, sculptures, objects, musical instruments illustrate the evolution of art and everyday life over several millennia. Open 11 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Mondays.
Musée d´ethnographie
A place of reflection on human societies, the Geneva Ethnographic Museum explores various anthropological interpretations focusing on the social and cultural phenomena of our modern world. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am-6pm.
Musée d´histoire des sciences
Unique in Switzerland, the Science History Museum of Geneva houses a collection of old scientific instruments used by Geneva scholars of the 17th-19th century. Open Wednesday to Monday 10am-5 pm.
Musée Rath
A prestigious cultural institution in Geneva, the Rath Museum hosts temporary exhibitions of the Art and History Museum. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
Muséum d´histoire naturelle
In Geneva, the largest natural history museum in Switzerland, with collections spread over four floors, present the fascinating world of animals and minerals. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.
Pâquis Boat Dock
Mouettes Genevoises Boat Dock. The Mouettes Genevoises (Geneva Gulls) are small shuttle boats connecting both banks of Geneva. Pâquis-Molard (M1), Pâquis-Eaux-Vives (M2) and Pâquis-Port Noir (M3) lines.
Port-Noir Boat Dock
Mouettes Genevoises Boat Dock. The Mouettes Genevoises (Geneva Gulls) are small shuttle boats connecting both banks of Geneva. Port Noir-Pâquis (M3) and Port Noir-De Châteaubriand (M4) lines.
Salle communale d´Onex
In Onex near Geneva, a 440-seats venue (or 750 standing) offering a popular and varied program featuring new talents and favorites (chanson française, comedy, jazz, world music).
Salle des Fêtes de Thônex
A beautiful venue where the Cultural Service of the town of Thônex (near Geneva) and the agency Opus One (under the banner Thônexlive) organize many shows, mainly modern music (rock, chanson, etc.).
Scène Ella Fitzgerald
In beautiful Parc La Grange in Geneva, this seasonal stage offers free open-air concerts (world music, classical, jazz) during summer.
The Sud-des-Alpes (the name means South of the Alps), in Geneva, is the concert venue of AMR (Association to encourage improvised music), specialized in jazz.
Théâtre de l´Orangerie
A unique place to rediscover each summer in Geneva, located in La Grange Park. Between stage and gardens, a stopover in a deckchair or a dinner under umbrellas for a theatrical or gourmet evening.
Théâtre des Grottes
Built in 1993 and made available to the cultural associations of Geneva, the Théâtre des Grottes mainly hosts independent theater companies but also events organized by local non-profit organizations.
Théâtre du Grütli
Located in the Maison des Arts du Grütli (Grütli House of Arts) in Geneva, the Grütli Theater is a multidisciplinary and experimental stage dedicated to the modern local and regional creation artists.
Théâtre du Léman
Formerly known as Grand Casino, this venue in Geneva has been renamed Théâtre du Léman (Lake Geneva Theatre) to underline the theater side of its programme, which also features music, ballet, circus, and more.
Théâtre Forum Meyrin
In Meyrin near Geneva, a modern building where, around a patio, there are a 700-seat venue, exhibition galleries, a live music stage (the Undertown), a library, a restaurant and meeting rooms.
Théâtre Les Salons
Built in 1876 and deeply renovated in 1996-1998, this theater in Geneva now hosts different types of events, including concerts, conferences and private events.
Théâtre Pitoëff
This theater in Geneva is part of the Township House of Plainpalais, built in the early 20th century. Deeply renovated in 2011-2012, it hosts various productions since 2015.
The Undertown is a concert venue and a cultural center situated in Meyrin, near Geneva Airport. It is located in the Forum Meyrin building.
Victoria Hall
Built in the late 19th century and dedicated to the Queen of England, the Victoria Hall in Geneva is renowned worldwide for its acoustics. Renovated in 2006 to improve the comfort of the spectators and musicians.
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