Points of interest in and around Lausanne

Museums, theaters, concert halls, tourist info, transports, and some more

Bolo Museum
In EPFL Lausanne, a museum of hardware with more than 500 historic computers and peripherals. Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7pm (closed during school holidays), free admission.
Café-Théâtre de la Voirie
An intimate and popular place dedicated to creation and entertainment, in Pully near Lausanne. Music, dance, theater, comedy, puppetry, storytelling for kids and grown-ups.
Casino de Montbenon
A place of cultural and social events in a unique setting (5-minute walk from the center of Lausanne and beautiful gardens with stunning views of mountains and lake). Feasts Hall (450 seats) and Paderewski Hall (493 seats and excellent acoustics).
Cave du Bleu-Lézard
Café, imaginative restaurant and bar, the Bleu Lézard (Blue Lizard) is a trendy place and a true institution in Lausanne with its underground stage (The Blue Cave), offering concerts, theme nights, DJs, exhibitions, and more.
Chorus is the one and only live jazz club in Lausanne. Open Thursday-Saturday, and sometimes Wednesday and Sunday.
Cinémathèque Suisse
Swiss Film Archive in Lausanne, a foundation devoted to the preservation of the old movies. The place to be if you love old motion pictures!
Collection de l´Art Brut
The Collection of Raw Art, in Lausanne, is the reference in regard to spontaneous artistic creations mostly born in prisons and asylums and not related to any school of art. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm.
CPO Ouchy
The former Parish Centre of Ouchy-Lausanne, since 2002 a place of cultural and social activities in a spirit of hospitality, openness and respect. French chanson, classic music, ballet, theater, comedy and kids shows.
D! Club
A former theater reconverted into a movie theater then a music club, the D! Club in Lausanne is a reference for clubbing in Switzerland, programming the most famous DJs, live concerts (rock, hip-hop, French chanson) and student parties.
Embarcadère d´Ouchy
Lausanne-Ouchy Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva Navigation General Company).
Embarcadère de Lutry
Lutry Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva Navigation General Company).
Embarcadère de Pully
Pully Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva Navigation General Company).
Embarcadère de Saint-Sulpice
Saint-Sulpice Boat Dock, CGN (Lake Geneva Navigation General Company).
Espace Arlaud
Oldest museum in Lausanne, restored in 1997, this neo-classical building hosts temporary exhibitions of the cantonal museums and of the library. Open Wednesday-Friday 12 am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm.
Espace Culturel des Terreaux
A cultural center installed in the Church of Terreaux in Lausanne, built in 1890 and made available by the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud. Theater, exhibitions, conferences and debates.
Exit 10 Lausanne-Vennes (a)
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 10 (when coming from Geneva, Yverdon-les-Bains and Vallorbe).
Exit 10 Lausanne-Vennes (b)
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 10 (when coming from Vevey-Montreux).
Exit 11 Belmont
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 11 (when coming from Lausanne, Geneva, Yverdon).
Exit 12 Lutry
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 11 (when coming from Vevey, Montreux, Fribourg).
Exit 17 Ecublens (a)
E62 (A1), exit 17. To Lausanne-Nord, Yverdon, Montreux-Vevey, etc.: right track. To Lausanne-South (Vidy-Ouchy): left track.
Exit 17 Ecublens (b)
E62 (A1), exit 17. To Morges, Nyon, Geneva: right track. To Lausanne-South (Vidy-Ouchy): left track.
Exit 18 Lausanne-Crissier (a)
A1 (E62), exit 18 (when coming from Geneva, Nyon, Morges or Lausanne-South).
Exit 18 Lausanne-Crissier (b)
A1 (E62), exit 18 (when coming from Yverdon-les-Bains or Vevey-Montreux).
Exit 9 Lausanne-Blécherette (a)
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 9 (when coming from Geneva, Vevey-Montreux).
Exit 9 Lausanne-Blécherette (b)
A9 (E62) freeway, exit 9 (when coming from Geneva, Yverdon-les-Bains and Vallorbe).
f´ar - Forum d´architectures
In Lausanne, a place focused on architecture, interface between building actors and end users. Opening hours during exhibitions: Tuesday to Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm.
Fondation de l´Hermitage
In a 19th-century mansion of Lausanne, this museum hosts exhibitions dedicated to the fine arts. It is surrounded by a beautiful park, permanently open to the public. Museum open Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-6pm, Thursday till 9pm.
Gare de Lausanne
Lausanne Train Station. Lines to Morges-Nyon-Geneva, Yverdon-Neuchâtel, Fribourg-Berne-Zurich, Vevey-Montreux-Sion-Brig-Milano.
Interchange Villars-Sainte-Croix (a)
E62 (A1) to Morges, Nyon and Geneva: right track. E25/E23 (A1/A9) to Yverdon-les-Bains and Vallorbe: left track.
Interchange Villars-Sainte-Croix (b)
E62 (A1/A9) to Vevey-Montreux and Valais/Wallis: right track. E23/E62 (A1) to Lausanne-South, Morges, Nyon and Geneva: left track.
Interchange Villars-Sainte-Croix (c)
Exit 19 E62 (A1) to Lausanne-North, Vevey-Montreux and Valais/Wallis.
L´Esprit Frappeur
A stage dedicated to French chanson, the Esprit Frappeur (the Poltergeist), in Lutry near Lausanne, has expanded its activities by integrating comedy, world music and theatrical improvisation in its programme.
Theater of Pully, near Lausanne. Concerts, plays, choreography, and much more.
La Grange de Dorigny
A venue that offers every season 10 professional shows and 2 student festivals. Theater of the university, experimental stage for the students, laboratory for the teachers and citizen link between University of Lausanne and city.
Lausanne Tourist Info (Cathédrale)
Tourist Office Info Desk in Lausanne old town (near the Cathedral), open every day all year long.
Lausanne Tourist Info (Ouchy)
Tourist Office Info Desk in Lausanne-Ouchy (lakeshore), open every day all year long.
Lausanne Tourist Info (Train Station)
Tourist Office Info Desk in Lausanne Train Station, open every day all year long.
Le Bourg
A small venue in Lausanne, with a varied programme all year long (concerts, DJ sets, screenings, performances, and more). Open Wednesday-Saturday or Sunday.
Le Lapin Vert
The oldest and most famous rock bar in Lausanne, in the old town. Concerts and DJs. Open 7/7 from 8pm to 1am (Thursday 2am, Friday-Saturday 3am).
Le Petit Théâtre
Situated near the cathedral, in the old town of Lausanne, this small theater is dedicated to kids (7-year and older).
Le Romandie
The indie rock venue of Lausanne, near the Flon area. The place to be if you love rock music, for sure!
Les Docks
Concert venue in Lausanne, at the western end of the Flon area. Varied programme with a lot of headliners.
Lutry Tourist Info
Where to find touristic information and support in Lutry, near Lausanne. Open every day all year long.
Lutry Train Stop
CFF line Geneva-Lausanne-Vevey-Montreux-Sion-Brig, local trains.
mudac - Musée cantonal de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains (Lausanne) - is an international institution dedicated to investigating design and its inherent ability to transform the world.
Musée cantonal d´archéologie et d´histoire
Museum of archeology and history in Lausanne, presenting 15,000 years of history, from the end of Paleolithic till the Modern Times. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm (closed 5pm Friday-Sunday).
Musée cantonal de géologie
Geological Museum in Lausanne, presenting huge collections of fossils and crystals. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm (Friday-Sunday closing 5pm).
Musée cantonal de zoologie
Zoological Museum in Lausanne. Huge collections of vertebrates and invertebrates. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm (closing 5 pm Friday-Sunday).
Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts
Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne, in Rumine Palace (place de la Riponne). Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm (closing 5pm on Saturday and Sunday).
Musée d´art de Pully
In Pully near Lausanne, a museum of the regional creation, with exhibitions focused on historical and contemporary visual art. Open Wednesday-Sunday 2-6pm. Closed outside temporary exhibitions (no permanent exhibition).
Musée de l´Elysée
A museum in Lausanne, famous in Switzerland and worldwide for the quality and variety of its exhibitions. It is focused on all aspects of photography, from its invention to contemporary creations.
Musée historique de Lausanne
The Historical Museum of Lausanne is housed in the former Bishop's Palace. Its mission is to collect, preserve, document and highlight the witnesses of the history of Lausanne. Currently closed for transformations.
Musée romain de Lausanne-Vidy
In Lausanne, close to the lakeshore and in a green setting, the Roman Museum houses the remains of a rich villa and displays ancient artefacts found on the site of Lousonna. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm.
Opéra de Lausanne
With its bold programme, full of discoveries and prestigious guests, the Opera of Lausanne has become a reference in the international opera world.
Prilly-Malley Train Stop
CFF line Geneva-Lausanne-Vevey-Montreux-Sion-Brig, local trains.
Pulloff Théâtres
A tiny 52-seat theater in Lausanne, driven by a combination of directors who run independent theater companies (Compagnie Voeffray-Vouilloz, Théâtre Claque and Théâtre du Projecteur).
Pully Train Stop
CFF line Geneva-Lausanne-Vevey-Montreux-Sion-Brig, local trains.
Renens Train Station
CFF line Geneva-Lausanne-Vevey-Montreux-Sion-Brig, local trains.
Salle Métropole
A venue in the center of Lausanne, totally renovated (re-opened in October 2015), with exceptional acoustics. Rock music, comedy, theater, dance, classical music, etc.
Bar, music club, and cultural center of EPFL (Lausanne Polytechnic School). Concerts, jam sessions, special events.
Théâtre 2.21
A pocket theater in Lausanne, acting as a creative tool, a springboard for young designers and a place for research and experimentation. Theater, musical theater, concerts, readings, improvisation, etc.
Théâtre Boulimie
Born as a cabaret show at the University of Lausanne during the Sixties, Boulimie (Bulimia) has its own venue in Lausanne since 1970 and has become a true institution of comedy.
Théâtre Contexte Silo
A theater in Renens (near Lausanne), set in a reconverted industrial building that also hosts the theater company Point de Fuite and the rehearsal room of Les Nouveaux Monstres, experimental band led by Léon Francioli and Daniel Bourquin.
Théâtre de Beaulieu
The concert hall of the Palais de Beaulieu (Beaulieu Palace, Exhibition and Convention Center of Lausanne), largest seating theater in Switzerland (1,845 seats). Classical music, ballet, pop, French songs, etc.
Théâtre de l´Arsenic
At the heart of Lausanne, a contemporary performing arts center where theater rub shoulders with dance, performance, music and installations.
Théâtre de Marionnettes de Lausanne
The nice Puppet Theater of Lausanne, hosted in the aula of the Bergières High School. Dream entertainment for young and old!
Théâtre de Vidy
A crossroads of artistic languages and ideas, for artists and spectators who question our world. Theater, dance, performance, contemporary art. In Lausanne-Vidy, on the lakeshore.
Théâtre du Vide-Poche
A small theater in Lausanne, animated by three companies (Vide-Poche, Trac'N'art and Fraise Bleue) that present their own shows and host guest shows.
Théâtre Kléber-Méleau
In Lausanne, an old derelict gasworks that became a dream factory, serving a popular and committed theater. Theater plays, but also classical and world music.
Théâtre Sévelin 36
Contemporary dance stage of Lausanne, in the Flon area. It contributes to the diffusion of works of international level and promotes the emergence of local companies by programming young choreographers.
The Olympic Museum
A world-class museum in Lausanne to feel, experience and understand the complex and enthralling story of the Olympism. Everyday 9am-6pm (May 1-Oct 14), Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm (Oct 15-Apr 30).
Villa romaine de Pully
In Pully near Lausanne, discovery of archeology for young and old: the remains of a rich house, with a large room, an impressive mural and multiple vestiges. Open Sundays from 2 to 6 pm, closed from January to March.
Cultural center, bar, and meeting point at University of Lausanne. Open Monday-Friday 9.30 am-8pm (sometimes later), except during holidays and exams. Concerts usually on Thursdays.
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