A proud castle, some amazing museums, a train unlike all others...
A living Railway Museum above Montreux, in the heights of the Swiss Riviera, with old steam and electrical trains and a 3-km narrow-gauge mountain line. Open Saturday-Sunday from May till October.
Castle of Chillon, one of the most beautiful medieval castles of Switzerland, in Veytaux near Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera. A very interesting castle-museum!
A museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, located in Corsier, the village above Vevey where the great actor retired and lived until his death in 1977. Opening April 17, 2016.
Swiss Museum of Games, in the Castle of La Tour-de-Peilz, just between Vevey and Montreux. A fascinating trip for all ages. Open Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-5.30pm.
Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey, giving an opportunity to learn about the techniques of photography from its very beginnings till today. Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5.30pm.
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