Paléo Festival - One of the most famous open-air music festival of Switzerland, every year in July in Nyon, between Geneva and Lausanne. Attractive tickets prices, unique atmosphere. Kids welcome too.

Paléo Festival
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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Paleo did not take place in 2020 and 2021.

Its 45th edition has taken place in 2022, from 19 to 24 July, and as always the programme was declined in all genres. It is an extremely unifying festival!

On the rock side, the festival has welcome Sting, without the Police but with a new album recorded in the midst of the pandemic, and Kiss, hard rock veterans as part of their three-year farewell tour that began in 2019.

On the French chanson side, there was the tenderness of Francis Cabrel, the festive commitment of Tryo, and the rock musette of Les Têtes Raides.

On the reggae side, there was the legendary Third World and the furious madness of Dub Inc.

On the pop side, it was the great return of the inimitable Stromae!

On the rap, hip-hop and slam side, there has been Grand Corps Malade, PNL, OrelSan and many others.

And there was also punk, funk, soul-blues, electro in all its forms, brass bands, street artists, everything that makes the magic formula of the most popular festival in French-speaking Switzerland!

2022 programme and slideshows: click here

Photo archives 2004-2019: click here
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Daniel Rossellat
Route de Saint-Cergue 312 - POBox 177
CH-1260 Nyon 1

Official website: www.paleo.ch
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