Burgundy-Franche-Comté is the French administrative region that lies to the west of Switzerland. It comprises two very different regions, Burgundy, the land of great Pinot Noir wines and Dijon mustard, and Franche-Comté, the land of yellow wine, Morteau sausage and Comté cheese.
Halfway between Montbéliard and Morteau and about ten kilometres from the Franco-Swiss border, Maîche is a small town in the Doubs department, in the French part of the Jura mountain range. It is the place of origin of the famous Comtois horse.
A linear village in the French Jura, located in the Doubs department at an altitude of just over 900m, Mouthe is a winter sports resort and, in summer, a region offering great hiking opportunities.
On the road between Morteau and Montbéliard, Saint-Hippolyte is a very pretty village on the banks of the Doubs, with a rich architectural heritage including a 14th century church and an old Ursuline convent.
Saut du Doubs
Near the villages of Les Brenets (Switzerland) and Villers-le-Lac (France), the Doubs river flows lazily between cliffs, then quickly drops 27 m at the Franco-Swiss border, before resuming its calm course further on.
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