The Canton of Schaffhausen is the most northerly in Switzerland. It borders Germany, is almost entirely confined to the right bank of the Rhine and has a very tortuous outline.
The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall in German) are one of the largest waterfalls in Europe. Situated near Schaffhausen, on the border with canton of Z├╝rich, they are 150m (450ft) wide and 23m (75ft) high. Very impressive! One of the most important tourist destinations in Switzerland.
Dominated by the impressive Munot Fortress, Schaffhausen is situated on the Rhine River, not far from the famous Rhine Waterfalls. The old town is magnificent, with many guild houses and as it's a pedestrian zone, you'll walk peacefully counting the oriels... There are 171 of them!
Stein am Rhein
Situated at the end of Lake Constance, where the lake becomes the Rhine River again, a little town with a well-preserved mediaeval centre, where many of the buildings are painted with beautiful frescoes. One of the must-sees of Northern Switzerland.
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