The canton of Solothurn is a very pleasant region for hiking along the river or on the summit of the Weissenstein. Its capital is a beautiful baroque town where Italian grandeur is combined with French charm and Swiss-German bonhomie.
Balsthal, at the exit of the Klus gorge linking Oensingen to the Solothurn Jura, is the gateway to the Thal Nature Reserve, an area ideal for hiking, just a few km away from the urbanized areas stretching along the foot of the Jura mountain range.
Located halfway between Olten and Solothurn, and dominated by the castle of Neu Bechburg, Oensingen is the small town, very industrialized, at the mouth of the Klus gorge that provides access to Balsthal and to the Thal Nature Reserve, one of the jewels of the Solothurn Jura.
Olten, situated on the River Aare, is the largest city in the canton of Solothurn, but it is much less touristy than the canton's baroque capital. Its great asset is a tiny old town that is well worth a visit.
Solothurn is renowned as the most beautiful baroque town of Switzerland. Situated on the Aar river, 20km East of Biel-Bienne, at the foot of the Jura summit named Weissenstein, its old town is really wonderful.
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