The small town of Schwyz, which gave its name to Switzerland, is home to the Forum of Swiss History and to important founding documents of the Swiss Confederation. In spring, the beautiful landscape formed by thousands of cherry blossoms attracts many visitors to the region, which is also famous for its kirsch (cherry brandy).
Brunnen is situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne, opposite the Seelisberg, the mountain on whose slopes the Rütli oath was taken, the prelude to Switzerland's independence.
Einsiedeln, in the canton of Schwyz (Central Switzerland), is known for its beautiful monastery, the Benedictine Einsiedeln Abbey, and is the birthplace of Paracelsus, the famous Renaissance physician and alchemist.
The Fronalpstock is a peak that rises at 1921m altitude above Stoos, the car-free village of Muotatal in Canton Schwyz. It offers exceptional views of Lake Lucerne and the Alps.
Hohle Gasse
According to the legend, it's the old path where William Tell took vengeance on the Habsburg Emperor’s bailiff Gessler, killing him with a crossbow's bolt. A shady hollow track in the forest, leading to a chapel. Beautiful and mysterious.
Küssnacht am Rigi
Situated at the end of the Küssnachtersee, northeastern arm of the convoluted Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), Küssnacht am Rigi has a beautiful lakeshore promenade and is an ideal starting point to discover Central Switzerland.
Muotathal (with an h) is the main village in the Muotatal, the valley of the river Muota in the canton of Schwyz. As the road to Muotathal is not an Alpine pass road, the valley is protected from mass tourism.
At an altitude of 1797 metres, the Rigi has been a popular destination for excursions since the 17th century, thanks to its position on Lake Lucerne and its impressive panoramic views over the whole of Central Switzerland.
At the foot of the two Mythen Peaks, tranquillity, tradition and innovation characterize Schwyz, the village that gave its name to Switzerland. Rich in historic buildings, the village center features a big place considered as one of the most beautiful of Switzerland.
This car-free village is the star destination of Muotatal, especially since the opening of the new funicular in 2017, which climbs and reaches the world record steepness of 110%, i.e. an angle of 47.7°.
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