Talk about Ticino to a Swiss citizen and he or she will inevitably think of holidays! It's not for no reason: the southernmost canton in Switzerland speaks Italian and its climate makes the Swiss dream at every weather forecast. What's more, it's where you'll find the best Merlot wines in the country!
Situated in the Upper Leventina Valley of Ticino, on the southern slope of St. Gotthard Pass, Airolo is an ideal starting point for fantastic treks on mountain paths during summer, and a place where one can practice a large number of winter sports.
Bellinzona, capital of Ticino, is famous for its 3 castles (UNESCO World Heritage Sites). It lies east of the Ticino River, at the foot of the Alps, with its impressive castles and battlements locking the valleys stretching down from Gotthard and Graubünden.
The highest inhabited village in Ticino, at 1503 m above sea level, Bosco/Gurin is also the only non-Italian speaking place in the canton. Some inhabitants still speak Gurijnartitsch, a Walser (Alemannic) dialect.
On the Western shore of Lake Maggiore, just a few miles from Italy and at the foot of the Alps, Brissago is a perfect example of how paradoxical Ticino is: here, the climate is rather sub-tropical and you feel like you're far far away from the snowy peaks of Switzerland!
This tiny village in Leventina is part of the municipality of Faido. With its campsite, restaurant and bakery, it is a very convenient stopover on the road to Ticino.
At 2108 m above sea level, this famous high mountain pass between Airolo (Ticino) and Göschenen (Uri) connects Central Switzerland with Ticino, on the route leading from Germany to Italy across Switzerland and the Alps. A beautiful journey through Alpine landscapes.
Locarno, sunny city on the shores of Lake Maggiore, is host every year to the International Film Festival, one of the top events of Switzerland, which transforms its Piazza Grande into one of the most beautiful open-air movie theatres in the world. It's one of the main holiday destinations of Switzerland with its ambience of Italian Riviera and its magnificent setting.
The Lukmanier Pass (Passo del Lucomagno in Italian, Cuolm Lucmagn in Romansh) connects Biasca (Ticino) with Disentis/Mustér (Graubünden) at an altitude of 1973 metres.
Biggest town of Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton South of the Alps, Lugano is located on the shores of Lake Lugano (Ceresio), and its warm summers and trendy fame make it some kind of Swiss Monte Carlo.
As its name suggests, it is one of the villages in the valley where the river Maggia flows. It is actually located in the Bassa Vallemaggia, the widest and lowest part of the valley, 14 km north of Locarno.
The wine village of Meride is located on the first slopes of Monte San Giorgio, in the Mendrisiotto, the southernmost region of Ticino and of all Switzerland.
Highest mountain pass with paved road in Switzerland, 2,478 m (8,130 ft) above the sea. It connects Ulrichen (Wallis/Valais) to Airolo (Ticino/Tessin). Open June-October.
Sonogno is the last village in the Verzasca Valley that can be reached by car. If you are looking for authenticity and want to escape the crowds, this is an ideal destination.
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