The Canton of Vaud is like a miniature Switzerland: gentle lakes, rolling hills of the Plateau, heights of the Jura, harshness of the Pre-Alps and the Alps, Rhone lowlands and five wine-growing areas are all found within its borders.
A small town in Chablais, renowned for its wines, its Vine and Wine Museum, and its World Cycling Center. Start of roads to various mountain destinations (Les Diablerets, Leysin, Pays-d'Enhaut, and more).
A charming village on La Côte, just south of Aubonne. The castle is transformed in residencies and cannot be visited, and the houses of the village are decorated with great taste and amazing surprises.
A winegrowers' hamlet in the heart of Lavaux, just above Villette, enshrined in beautiful vineyards. Once upon a time, Aran and Villette were an independent municipality, now they are part of Bourg-en-Lavaux.
A beautiful little town on a hill of La Côte area, between Morges and Nyon. Alexandre Yersin, the bacteriologist who discovered the bubonic plague bacillus, was born here.
Avants (Les)
A pretty village in the Heights of Montreux, at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Situated on the MOB narrow-gauge railway line, it is the gateway to Pays-d'Enhaut (Vaud Prealps).
Aventicum, the former Roman Empire capital of Switzerland, then named Helvetia... a must-visit! The ancient Roman amphitheater, nowadays, hosts famous opera and rock music festivals.
A little town of Chablais Vaudois, in a winegrowers area, famous for its Salt Mines (cool visit). Start of roads to the Vaud Alps (Villars, Gryon, Grand Muveran area, Col de la Croix).
A village above Vevey, on the Pléiades Mountain slopes. It's the end station of the railway line of the Blonay-Chamby Railway Museum.
The winegrowers village of Bonvillars, on the shores of Lake of Neuchâtel, gives its name to one of the six AOC of Vaud. Less known than the ones of Lavaux, Chablais and La Côte, the wines of the area are nevertheless among the best of Vaud!
Not really a town but the union of five winegrowers' villages of Lavaux: Aran-Villette, Grandvaux, Cully, Riex and Epesses. This administrative reunion is in force since 2011.
An old village of Montreux, quite famous in the region for its yearly fair, established 1486 (every year in November).
Bret (Lac de)
A small lake in Jorat, the hinterland above Lavaux, a real nice place for a walk between water and forest...
The winegrowers village of Bursins, near Nyon, is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. The Church of Saint-Martin, a former Clunisian Priory, is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance.
Calamin (Epesses)
Calamin is not a village and not even a hamlet of Lavaux, it's a tiny 16-hectare vineyard area on the territory of Epesses, producing one of the best white wines of Switzerland. The wineyards of Lavaux are a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.
High above Montreux, at 1,000-1,200 m above sea, a small village around a beautiful ancient palace, with a breathtaking view over the Lake of Geneva and the mountains.
Now a part of the Municipality of Montreux, this village is situated right at the freeway exit. Integrated in the urban area but keeping a small village nucleus.
Champagne? Not the home of Dom Pérignon, but a small winegrowers village above Lake Neuchâtel... Located in the Bonvillars AOC vineyards, the local wine can't be named Champagne... but it's genuine Champagne wine anyway, mostly white Chasselas.
A winegrowers village at the gates of Vevey, on the slopes of Mont Pèlerin, where the Lavaux vineyards area meets the Swiss Riviera.
Halfway between Gruyères and Gstaad at an altitude of 1,000 metres, Château-d'Oex is the principal town of the Pays-d'Enhaut and an ideal destination for all those seeking peace and relaxation through sport.
The village of Chernex, the hamlet of Chamby, terminus of the scenic steam train Blonay-Chamby, Sonzier with its easy access to the natural splendours of the Gorges du Chauderon are located between lake, vineyards, and mountains.
A wine-growing village with great local vintages. With its breathtaking views on Lake Geneva, it is nicknamed Balcon du Léman in French (Lake Geneva Balcony).
A small village in the Municipality of Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera, linked to the souvenir of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky and many others.
Col des Mosses
The mountain pass connecting Aigle (Chablais area, between Lake Geneva and Valais) with Château-d'Oex (Pays-d'Enhaut, Prealpine area of Canton de Vaud). Summer hikes and winter sports in a beautiful landscape.
Col du Pillon
Pillon Pass, at an altitude of 1546m, is a mountain pass connecting Ormont-Dessus (Les Diablerets, Vaud Alps) to Gsteig, above Gstaad (Saanenland).
Between lakeshore and Mont-Aubert, Concise is the last village of Canton de Vaud, at the border of Canton de Neuchâtel. Its vineyards are part of the AOC Bonvillars and produce some of the best wines of the area.
A little village at the gates of Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera.
At the gates of Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera, the village where Charlie Chaplin retired and lived until his death.
On the shores of Lake Geneva, a village at the heart of Lavaux, hosting the famous Cully Jazz Festival every year in April. Administrative center of Bourg-en-Lavaux municipality, regrouping the villages of Cully, Aran, Villette, Grandvaux, Cully, Riex and Epesses.
Dézaley (Puidoux)
Above the hamlet of Treytorrens-en-Dézaley, this area is one of the most famous wine terroirs of Lavaux.
Diablerets (Les)
Breathe in the pure air of a village at the foot of a glacier, an authentic village, where the beauty of the scenery and the warmth of the hospitality make one!
A winegrowers' village of Lavaux, producing some of the best wines of Switzerland, including the mythical Calamin white wine.
Etivaz (L´)
In the summer, the herds of L'Etivaz AOC producers fill the pasturelands of Alps and Prealps of canton Vaud, which feature hundreds of kilometres of marked pedestrian trails between the Diablerets glacier (3,000 m) and the vineyards of Lavaux.
A charming winegrowers village in the heart of La Côte, producing one of the most famous white wines of Switzerland.
The village overlooking Montreux, on the road to Caux and on the MGN railway line connecting Montreux to the Rochers-de-Naye summit.
Gorges du Chauderon
Only a few minutes away from Montreux Old Town, a wild track along the Baye river, a cool hike during hot summer days. Many hikes possible, up to Les Avants and beyond.
Grandson lies 3 km north of Yverdon-les-Bains, on the west side of the Lake of Neuchâtel, at the foot of the Jura Mountains. You should visit its beautiful church as well as its castle, featuring a quite extraordinary museum.
A winegrowers' village just above Cully, belonging since 2011 to the new municipality named Bourg-en-Lavaux. The great graphic novelist Hugo Pratt spent the end of his life here and a statue of Corto Maltese now overlooks the breathtaking panorama of Lavaux.
Grottes de Vallorbe
The Vallorbe Caves, a journey to the center of the Earth, on the road connecting Vallorbe to the Joux Valley, in the Jura Vaudois (western area of the Jura mountain range).
Gryon and its sister resort Villars are among the 15 ski resorts, out of a hundred in Switzerland, that possess, since 1998, the famous label Families Welcome confered by the Swiss Tourism Federation.
Near Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera, Jongny is a village built on the southern slope of the Mont-Pèlerin summit, at some 600m above sea level.
A theme park at Mont d'Orzeires Pass, between Vallorbe and Joux Valley, where you can watch American bisons, bears, wolves and Przewalski horses.
Lac de Morat
One of the three lakes situated at the foot of the Jura mountain range, in the western part of Switzerland. On the southern shore lies the medieval town of Murten (Morat) and to the north you'll see the vineyards of Mount Vully.
Lausanne, historical crossroads just around the corner! Capital of the Canton of Vaud, it's the smallest of the 5 biggest towns of Switzerland.
Near St-Maurice (gate to Valais), the last town in Canton of Vaud, famous for its thermal baths.
Close to Saint-Maurice (gate to Valais), the last town in Canton of Vaud, famous for its thermal baths, situated south of the village.
Le Brassus
Situated in Joux Valley near the French border, Le Brassus is the last village before Marchairuz Pass (road to Lake Léman) and Parc Jurassien Vaudois (nature park).
Le Lieu
A small village in Joux Valley, among pastures and forests, with a magnificent view over the tiny Ter Lake.
Le Pont
In the heart of Joux Valley, just between Lake of Joux and Lake Brenet, Le Pont is an ideal starting point for many hikes around the lakes or up to the Dent de Vaulion (Vaulion Tooth), a mountain with a breathtaking view on the whole valley.
Le Sentier
Situated at the western end of Lake of Joux in the Joux Valley, Le Sentier is a village where many luxury Swiss watchmakers are based (Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin...).
Les Tenasses
The Tenasses marsh and peat bog is a protected area of national importance located near Lally, above Blonay, close to the summit of the Pléiades, which marks the beginning of the Vaud Pre-Alps.
Leysin, situated at an altitude of 1,263 m above sea level, enjoys exceptional exposure to the sun and offers a very large range of activities all year round.
On the road connecting Lausanne to Avenches, former capital of Roman Helvetia, Lucens nestles in an idyllic landscape of valleys and hills, rivers and forests. Dominated by a proud castle, the small town hosts a unique Sherlock Holmes Museum.
Last village of Lavaux at its western end, at the doors of Lausanne. Located on the lakeshore, Lutry is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities of the region.
Situated on the eastern shore of Lake of Joux, in the Joux Valley, L'Abbaye is a wonderful village for nautical sports in summer and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in winter.
A village near Sainte-Croix, over Yverdon-les-Bains, in the Swiss Jura Mountains. It is famous all over the world for its incredible music-box museum, the Musée Baud, a must-visit.
Mont Tendre
Highest summit of the Swiss Jura Mountains, at 1679m over sea. A great place for a hike, with breathtaking views!
Mont-Pèlerin (Le)
A mountain above Chardonne, overlooking the Swiss Riviera and Lavaux. For a panoramic view, take the lift of the Plein Ciel telecom tower!
Located on the shore of Lake Geneva and on the first slopes of the Prealps, Montreux hosts the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the Christmas Market. It's an ideal starting point to discover the Swiss Riviera.
A flowered town on the shores of blue Lake Geneva, facing Mont-Blanc, with a beautiful countryside, excellent wines and an impressive castle.
A small town rather unknown, as it's not located near the freeway. Situated on the road connecting Lausanne to Avenches, in a bucolic setting, its Upper Town is worth the visit, perched on sandstone cliffs, with stunning views of city and countryside.
Halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva and facing the Mont-Blanc, Nyon is set in a region which offers many possibilities for outdoor activities, relaxation, and cultural activities.
A winegrowers village in Chablais Vaudois (Rhône River Plain between Valais and Lake of Geneva), with a lot of excellent wines.
A town at the foot of the Swiss Jura Mountains, famous for its Roman mosaics, but also for its surrounding vineyards, the beautiful Côtes-de-l'Orbe.
Ouchy is not really a town, it's the Riviera of Lausanne, on the lakeshore, quite nice and lively during high season.
Pléiades (Les)
A summit above Blonay, with beautiful panoramas. An ideal place for hikes in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.
Planches (Les)
Montreux Old Town, easy to reach from downtown (10min walk). The real Montreux, a kind of little Montmartre with artists, workshops, restaurants, etc. Starting point for hikes in the mountains.
The biggest village and commune of Lavaux, at the heart of Dézaley, between Lake of Geneva and Mont-Cheseau.
A small winegrowers village of Lavaux, overlooking Cully, part of the new Bourg-en-Lavaux administrative area.
A winegrowers' village at the heart of Lavaux terraced vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Great place for hikes in a breathtaking landscape.
A village in Chablais, in front of the Grammont mountain and built against a steep rock face, where you can visit the Swiss Museum of the Organ, hosted in a 15th century building.
Rochers-de-Naye (Les)
High above Montreux, 2,045m over the sea, only reachable by train or trek, a unique mountain paradise and starting point for many spectacular hikes. Breathtaking panoramas over lake and hinterland.
A little town on the northwestern shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) between Nyon and Lausanne, place of birth of Frédéric-César de la Harpe (1754–1838), one of the main actors of the independence of the Canton of Vaud from the Bernese.
This village is situated in the North of Canton of Vaud, at the foot of the Jura mountains. It takes its name from its famous Roman abbey and monastery founded in the 10th century by Romanus of Condat (Romanum Monasterium).
Rossinière is quite famous for its Grand Chalet, built in 1754, one of the biggest wood houses of Europe, where the painter Balthus lived until his death. One cannot visit this incredible chalet but you have definitely to see it!
Rougemont is ideally situated in the beautiful Pays-d'Enhaut, approximately half way between the medieval town of Gruyères and the jet-set resort of Gstaad, in Saanenland.
A village above Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera, on the slopes of the Pléiades Mountain.
The old town of St-Prex forms a peninsula extending on the north shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and was awarded in 1973 the Wakker Prize for the development and preservation of its architectural heritage.
Probably the most picturesque winegrowers' village of Lavaux, an absolute must-see: narrow lanes, archways, and vineyards all around.
A little village on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the gates of Lausanne. Beautiful Romanesque church built in the 12th century AD.
A secret paradise on a hill in the heart of the Rhone Valley, near Ollon. Vineyards, mediaeval remains and botanical garden.
A village located in the Jura Mountains, above Yverdon-les-Bains, at an altitude of 1,086 m. In winter it's a popular winter sports resort and in summer an ideal starting point for hikes on the Jura summits. A place renowned all over the world for its art mechanics, especially music boxes, created by passionate craftsmen.
One of the villages of Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera.
A former tourist mecca, internationally known resort, with an important architectural heritage. It's the village where Sissi, Empress of Austria, was sojourning when she was assassinated as she went in Geneva for a lake cruise.
Tour-de-Peilz (La)
A little town nested between Vevey and Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera. The Swiss Museum of Games is located in the Castle of La Tour-de-Peilz.
One of the hamlets of the Puidoux municipality, on the shores of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva). It's the heart of the Dézaley vineyards area.
A little town located near the Swiss-French border, surrounded on three sides with mountains. Its beautiful railway station is listed as a national Swiss heritage site and the entire urban village is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.
Vernex is one of the old hamlets of Montreux, now totally included in the urban area, just west of the train station.
The old city of Vevey is dotted with historical monuments and museums bearing witness to its rich heritage. In addition, a large variety of boutiques and craftsmen can be found in the narrow paved streets, displaying their know-how and wares.
Believe it or not, the Castle of Chillon is not situated in Montreux, but in Veytaux, the only village that refused to join the new Commune of Montreux back in 1962.
Villard (Vallon de)
Above Montreux, on the other side of the mountain overlooking Les Avants to the west, the beautiful Villard Valley is a perfect place for hikes and, in May, to see incredible fields of narcissus.
Villars, in the Alps of Canton de Vaud, is among the ski resorts that possess the Families Welcome Label confered by the Swiss Tourism Federation, and it is also a beautiful area for hikes in summer.
The last town on the northern shore of Lake Léman (Lake of Geneva), gate to the Chablais area. Natural reserve of Les Grangettes just nearby, for nice hikes.
One of the winegrowers' hamlets of Lavaux, on the lakeshore. With the hamlet of Aran, 100m above, it is the heart of the Villette wine appellation, one of the terroirs of the Lavaux AOC (controlled designation of origin).
The Castle of Vufflens, a few km from Morges, looks like a fairy tale castle. Unfortunately it is a private property that can't be visited but it is a good reason to explore the countryside above Morges, from the shores of Lake Geneva to the summits of the Jura!
A little thermal town located in the north of Canton of Vaud, at the western end of Lake of Neuchâtel and at the foot of the Jura mountain range.
A winegrowers village in Chablais, just beside Aigle, which produces some of the most famous white wines of all Switzerland.
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