Baden-Württemberg borders northeastern Switzerland, mostly on the right bank of the Rhine and on the north shore of Lake Constance, with a country border that is mostly almost invisible if you disregard the road signs.
Bad Säckingen
A German town on the Rhine, linked to the small Swiss town of Stein by Europe's longest covered wooden bridge, over 400 years old. Its picturesque old town and beautiful riverside promenade are sure to attract visitors.
This German town on Lake Constance (Bodensee) is especially famous for the revival of Zeppelin airships since the 1990s, very promising aircraft whose rise had been broken by the Hindenburg tragedy in 1937.
To the west, Lake Constance divides into two branches. The southern branch is the Untersee, which is connected to the main lake by the small stretch of Rhine that runs through Constance. The village of Iznang lies on the southern shore of the Untersee, opposite the small town of Radolfzell.
With a population of around 82,000, the historical town of Constance (Konstanz) is the largest town on Lake Constance (Bodensee). It is situated in Germany, just on the Swiss border. Nowadays a lively university town, it has kept a big and picturesque old town.
Situated on the Rhine, about half way between Basle and Schaffhausen, Laufenburg is a strange little city, split in two: on the south side of the river you are in Switzerland, on the north side in Germany, both cities being connected by a pedestrian bridge without customs.
This small town lies at the very end of the Obersee (or Überlingersee), the northwestern branch of Lake Constance. It forms a municipality with the small town opposite, Bodman, which gave its name to the Bodensee, the German name for the lake.
A very picturesque medieval town... and of course very touristy, located just opposite the city of Constance (Konstanz), on the northern bank of the Obersee. It is a (nearly) car-free town, well worth a visit, and can also be reached by regular ferries from Konstanz, on the border with Switzerland.
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