Piedmont, a region in northwestern Italy, takes its name from its geographical location at the foot of the Alps (from the Latin "ad pedem montium", at the foot of the mountains). Its territory, whose capital is Turin (Torino), covers the upper part of the Po basin, the most important Italian river, which crosses the whole north of the country from west to east and flows into the Adriatic Sea.
A little town in Piedmont (Northern Italy), on the south side of the Alps. First town south of Simplon mountain pass and railway tunnel, on the Brig-Milano connection.
Lago Maggiore
Lake Maggiore is a pre-Alpine lake of 212 km2 and 65 km in length, about 50 km northwest of Milan, straddling Piedmont and Lombardy in Italy and the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.
Lake Orta
Parallel to Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is located on the road from Domodossola to Novara. It is the westernmost of the Alpine lakes created by the Simplon glacier after the last ice age some twenty thousand years ago.
ZĀ“Makana (Macugnaga)
South of the Monte Rosa massif, an Italian valley which was populated by Walser, Germanic people coming from Wallis (Valais, Switzerland). Facing the east side of the Monte Rosa with its 2,600 m vertical drop.
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